Violin lessons

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The violin

The violin belongs to the family of string instruments; it is the smallest in the family, the highest tuned and having the widest range of voice. Its ancestors are considered to be the rebec and the vielle. The first violins appeared in North Italy in the middle of the sixteenth century - Andrea Amati is held to be the father of the recently used four-stringed violin, who built his instrument for the order of the Medici family.

A hegedű felépítése.

The parts of the violin:
1. corpus
2. neck
3. fingerboard
4. belly
5. ribs
6. back
7. pegbox
8. scroll
9. tailpiece
10. f-hole
11. nut
12. tuning pegs
13. bridge

The tuning of the violin:

rebek és hegedű

rebek and violin



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