Hegedűoktatás Budapest III. kerületében

Violin lessons

Budapest 3rd district Aquincum

About learning to play the violin

Who can learn to play the violin? Almost everyone. My youngest pupil was five, my oldest student more than seventy, when they took their first lesson. Success and progress are simply question of some basic skills: enthusiasm and will.

Learning to play the violin is beautiful and enjoyable but at the same timeit is a time and consuming occupation requiring effort. If we wish to progress, we should practice every day or at least four or five times a week. How long does it take to learn? This depends on our abilities, goals and the number of years we have spent with the violin.

Learning is not only about learning to play the instrument; we also have to know how to read the sheet music and be aware of some basic music theory. We also have to learn how to think according to the logic of the music, the style and the composer and we must also learn to use our time sufficiently.

In the words of Robert Gerle:

"Practice is teaching yourself to be student and teacher at the same time; and success depends to a great extent on how well you teach yourself. (…) An able teacher indispensable to serve as a guide and adviser in our progress. But even then as performers, we still have to do our own practicing ourselves most of the time alone and, without help: ultimately only the player can 'teach' himself the actual means of playing and the performing."

Thus playing the violin is discovering the secrets of how our body is functioning as well as sharpening our way of thinking, getting to know human emotions in their depths and learning how to rule on them. Mastering how to play the violin is a real adventure.

Fee: 8000 HUF/one hour.

Violin teacher © 2011 Zoltán Bakaja